Study in Mexico

Learn why thousands of students come to study in Mexico every semester !

Visit Beautiful Places

Beaches, jungles, deserts, and more !
Mexico has it all ! seize the opportunity to discover an amazing diversity of beautiful places

Learn Spanish !

The Mexican accent is one of the most understandable Hispanic accents, which is makes it a good opportunity to quickly make progress! you´ll be speaking Spanish in no time !

Discover Cultures

Each Mexican state has its own traditions, dances, history and cuisine, explore the country to discover the great diversity of the Mexican Culture !

Make new Friends !

Mexicans are super friendly and are always trying to help, you will easily make new friends that could last a lifetime !


See what others say about their stay in México !

I thought one year would be loads of time, but once I was living in Mexico it didn’t seem like enough!! Intégrate really helped me to make the most of my time and do so many trips to exciting places across the country, to make friends from all over the world and to have a lot of fun!!

Holly, England
University of Nottingham

This country that is so known for its insecurity, crime and drug wars also has some of the most hospitable, generous, helpful and welcoming people I have ever met.. only that they don’t write about this in the newspapers

Katharina, Germany
University of Groningen

Back in Holland! 6 months ago i could barely imagine what I was going to face here!! Well.. I had the time of my life!! I met a lot of awesome people and friends, I´ve seen the most beautiful places of the country and above all I´ve been to the best parties ever..! What a time! IF i had to describe a satisfying and intensely happy moment in my life I would definitely think back to my time in Mexico. Thanks !!

Pim, Netherlands
Chr. HS Windesheim

It`s time for me to return to France and to thank everyone, one day someone told me that when you do your exchange in Mexico that you will cry twice, the first time when you eat your first chili, and then when you come back home because you will really miss Mexico, and now I know that is true !

See you soon Mèxico ! I Promise <3

Alexis, Lyon, France
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Study in Mexico with Integrate Mexico!

Integrate Mexico is an organization dedicated to national and international exchange students in Mexico, We want to help you have the best stay possible through our incredible housing, thematic events and adventurous trips !