5 Mexican movies to understand the culture

Alexandra Clement
Marketing Assistant, France

Jun 20, 2014

A great way to learn about a different country is to watch movies made there, we present you with a list of 5 amazing movies that will showcase the modern and traditional aspects of the Mexican culture!

Don’t forget the popcorn ! (which by the way its super common for Mexicans to put spicy sauce on)

—01 Nosotros Los Nobles

Release year: 2013
Director: Gary Alazraki
Type: Comedy

When Germán Noble realizes that his three children are wasting all his money in futilities and keep on acting irresponsibly with their lives, he decides to set a great trap and make them believe that his company is in a big financial trouble. Javier, Bárbara and Carlos will discover the struggle of the “real life”.

—02 No se Aceptan Devoluciones

Release year: 2013
Directo: Eugenio Derbez
Type: Comedy, Drama

Valentín enjoys life, and women, without worrying and without compromising himself. This is until he discovers that he has a daughter, Maggie, and has to take care of her from this moment. A story that may bring you from laughter to tears.

—03 Amores Perros

Year: 2000
Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Type: Drama

This movie is part of a trilogy with “21 gramos” and “Babel”.
Three different stories are told as the characters are all connected by a car accident happening in Mexico City; however, they never really meet. This movie mainly treats the themes of inequality, violence, and dogfighting.

—04 Como agua para chocolate

Release year: 1992
Director: Alfonso Arau
Type: Drama, Romance

This movie is based on the book written by Laura Esquivel. Both the movie and the book were very successful in Mexico and some other parts of the world.
Tita and Pedro are in love, but Tita being the younger child of the family she cannot get married so that she can take care of her mother until she dies. Pedro ends up marrying Tita’s sister. All along the story, the food is being used as a metaphor of Tita’s feelings and thoughts, which makes it a bit surrealistic but very poetic.

—05 El Infierno

Release year: 2010
Director: Luis Estrada
Type: Dark humor, Crime, Drama

After a 20 years period, Benjamín Garcia is deported from the United States. Back home in Mexico his family is broken and involved in drug trafficking. He soon realizes that he might have to do the same…
This movie has been released to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution and the 200thanniversary of the Independence from Spain.

—Bonus ¿Que culpa tiene el niño?

Release year: 2016
Director: Gustavo Loza
Type: Comedy, Romance

Maru, after becoming pregnant from a drunken one night stand with a immature young unemployed bachelor, is determined to follow tradition and marry him anyways.

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  1. Franzzo M Gomez

    I liked the movie: Que culpa tiene el niño I saw it recently.


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