First things to do when you arrive in México

Alexandra Clement
Marketing Assistant, France

Jun 10, 2014

When you arrive in a new country where you will stay for several months, you might not know where to start, this is why we made a small list of what you should do during the first days you will spend in Mexico.

01 Contact your Family!

Let your friends and family know that you`ve arrived safely and haven’t been kidnapped, you can even send them a selfie of you eating your first tacos !

02 Fill out the Migratory Form

You won’t really have the choice about doing it because it will be given to you during your flight to Mexico. This is a very important paper that you will have to keep until you go back to your country (they will ask for it at the airport). think of it kind of like your Visa.

03 Get some Mexican Pesos !

If you couldn’t get any Mexican pesos in your home country then you might want to withdraw money while at the airport, either at a bank or at a foreign exchange counter. You may have to try several banks before finding one that works with your card. For Europeans students, HSBC always almost works but the commission rate is quite high.

Once you’ve found out the perfect bank you should ask someone where the nearest one in your neighborhood is.

Get a Mexican phone number

You can get a new sim card at the OXXO`s and 7-Elevens as well as kiosks in malls, its a pretty quick process, you should have your new phone number within 30 minutes, we currently recommend getting a Telcel Amigo Pre-Paid Plan, it has the the most network coverage in the country and since you´re going to be travelling all over, that`s pretty important, they usually have some good promotions that get you unlimited social networks, be sure to check them out !

04 Get registered at the INAMI

Be ready to meet with the Mexican bureaucracy, which is,  not a very fun o quick process, but you can go with your friends so that time will pass faster!

Within the first 30 days of your arrival you have to get registered at the National Foreigners’ Register. If you are going to study in Mexico for less than 180 days, then this is the only thing you need to do. If you are going to study for 1 year, your FMM (the paper they gave you in the plane, remember?) will be changed for a foreigner identity card (FM3).

05 Learn how to get around !

Get acquainted with your neighborhood, and learn about the bus routes so you can get to your university, friends`s houses, the grocery store and of course our offices and trip departure points ! Don’t be shy about asking others for help with this, Mexicans are generally very friendly and helpful, specially our Staff 😛

Bus Routes

06 Start planning your semester!

One semester and even one year isn’t enough to experience everything México has to offer, with its vast diversity of landscapes and culture, with that in mind, its super important that you start planning on which places you want to go and coordinate with your university vacation dates and permitted absences, we will also let you know about the trips we organise during the semester to help you plan 🙂


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